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This ebook looks at some of the attractions and traditions to be found in some of our most popular destinations this Christmas and New Year. Each city has its own way of making the holiday season special and family is at the heart of every attraction we have written about. We hope that the major festive attractions shown in this ebook, will reassure you that your Christmas holidays abroad will be perfectly magical. 

These exciting Christmas holiday attractions offer something for everyone. The ebook looks at Christmas in: Barcelona, Paris, London, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome and New York.
Christmas in seven cities describes some of the top seasonal attractions in each city and provides helpful information about the times and dates. 

With this ebook you will learn about

The most popular Christmas markets in each city
Some of the main events and activities
you can enjoy
Local traditions you can take back to
your holiday apartment
Curious facts about the holiday
season from each city
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